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Revenge for Now
(The Infected Dead Book 10)

The zombie apocalypse has taken lives, but it has also taken away the freedom of the living to make choices for themselves. To stay alive, people are forced to follow corrupt leaders who would use the innocent to obtain power and material riches they would not have earned before the infected dead seized the world.

Revenge for Now is Book 10 in the saga of the close-knit Mud Island family of survivors and their quest to do more than just survive. This is their story of personal struggle to aid all survivors while dispensing justice upon those people who have capitalized by the apocalypse.

Upon their return from England, they have unfinished business with the corrupt force that attacked and killed US Army soldiers near Atlanta. Along the way they make startling discoveries that will ensure that more people will survive. The Chief has a burning, personal desire to seek revenge against the leader of those forces, and he won’t be able to rest until he rids the world of their evil. Somehow he must achieve that revenge while maintaining the capacity to be the same man he was before the apocalypse.



5* Star Reviews

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