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Powered by Indie: Celebrating Indie Authors

The year of 2016 has been incredible because it’s the year when I proudly became an Indie Author. Nine months ago I put my first book, Alive for Now, on sale through Kindle Direct Publishing on Two weeks ago I put my third book, Die for Now, on sale with Amazon. My second book, Survive for Now, has remained near the top twenty in its category since it went on sale in May.

Amazon has opened a door for me that has been closed my entire life. I have wonderful, devoted readers who contact me through my website at, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, email, and Author Central on the Amazon website. Combined sales of the three books have been beyond my wildest dreams. After only two months, the sales on my first book qualified me to be an active member of Science Fiction Writers of America.

As 2016 has gone by, there hasn’t been a moment when I have forgotten that none of this would have been possible if not for Amazon, and now they are taking the experience to a new level by celebrating Indie Authors during the month of October. My second book, Survive for Now, is being featured in Science Fiction for teens. Check out Powered by Indie at

Over the next month, I plan to celebrate Indie Authors along with Amazon by posting blogs about the last nine months. Each blog will include a comment from a reader that has made this such a great experience. If you contacted me and would like for me to share your comments in this blog, please let me know. I’ll start with this email I got from a really sweet reader in the UK after I thanked her for signing up at my website. I blanked out the names of characters so it won’t have spoilers:

Hi Bob,

I am over the moon that you have finished book three, I bought it the day you released here and am well into it. I just love the characters, you have a knack of drawing the reader in so that you really do care about them, well most of them, I just hope that ___ is devoured before too much longer so that ____ and _____ can be together!!!

Please please keep the books coming, you have a new fan here and I am so loyal to authors I love, I will be eagerly awaiting every new book that comes along!!!

Happy writing,

Best wishes,


Bob Howard, Indie Author

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