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I'm Lucky To Have You As Readers

Since I finished book three I've been working on the next one in the series, but I've also been reading your reviews and suggestions. Some of you have asked for the series in print form. I've been re-editing each one even though you have been very forgiving about my typos, and the first two books are now available on Amazon and the Createspace Book Store. The picture above is the jacket for book two. As you can tell, it's a slight departure from my usual cover. I chose this cover to show you because I'm going to go back and change the cover of book one and stay with a theme. I'm making fast progress getting book three ready for print, and don't worry. Book four will follow not far behind that.

As I upload the new ebooks, you should be able to replace the copies you have with new ones, and I promise you they are better without the typos. The covers are being designed by a nice lady in the UK, and I'll be happy to pass along contact information to anyone interested.

I want to say something about the wonderful reviews you have given me, but I really don't know where to begin. I am humbled at times by the fact that people are so wrapped up in my stories that they lose track of time or just can't put the book down. You can't imagine how good that feels to me, and it makes me want to write just to make sure you know I appreciate your kind words.

Lastly, I want to be sure you all know that I couldn't do this alone. Before I started writing, I always pictured the authors out there typing away and never gave a thought to how the book got from one stage to the next. You've seen the dedications I've written to my wife, Dawn, but they don't do her justice. I sincerely believe I am lucky to have you as my readers, but I wouldn't have you if not for her.

By the four won't be the last in the series.

Thank you for reading my books,


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