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Exist for Now: The Infected Dead Book 4

I published the first book in this series on January 2, 2016, and while publishing four books in sixteen months is pretty good, it took longer than I wanted to get this one to you. I hope you find it was worth the wait, and I won't make you wait as long for the next one.

There are several things about this book that are special to me. The most important thing is the opportunity to tie together the storylines. The second thing is the introduction of some really important characters. They were fun to write, and I think they will bring some interesting ideas to the books that are yet to be written.

I read the reviews that you write with great interest. Readers like to suggest new plots and theories about a "zombie apocalypse". If you see something that looks familiar, it may be because I liked what you said in a review. I may have thought of it first, but you can enjoy credit for the possibility that you beat me to it. I'm particularly pleased with my references to blue crabs, which by the way, are still on my menu.

While I'm on the topic of reviews, I'm finding that there are two things that help self-published authors almost as much as sales. Reviews and getting people to sign up at this website. You're already on the website if you're reading this or you saw the blog on my author page on Amazon and got redirected to here, and you may have already signed up on my mailing list. If you haven't, please consider it. Also, you can grab a free autographed copy of the first book in this series for a limited time. If you have friends who might be interested, you would be doing me a great service by asking them to sign up and get a free autographed book.

As always, thank you for being loyal readers of my books. You're making my life fun.


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