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Exciting News From The Author

Anyone who has written a book or a series will tell you that they started holding their breath when it became the right time to announce the arrival of the book. Something created from the mind of the author is about to be laid bare for readers to see. The author is taking a chance that everything was done well, and there is a tremendous hope that the readers will say the author nailed it.

It is my extreme pleasure to make two announcements to my readers.

Earlier this year I entered into a contract with Tantor Media to produce The Infected Dead on audiobooks. I am happy to say that the first book, Alive for Now, will be available on December 10, 2019 to purchase from Amazon as an Audible Audiobook. The books are read by Graham Halstead, a man with an impressive resume and equally impressive reviews. His performance brings the characters to life like no one else could, and I am thrilled to have him read my books. You may find the audiobook at the following link on 12/10/19 or you find it directly on the Tantor website:

Alive for Now Audiobook

My second announcement is that the seventh book in the Infected Dead series will be available this week on Amazon to purchase, and it will be available on Kindle Unlimited immediately. This year I moved the entire series to Kindle Unlimited, and it was a good decision. I am proud to reveal the cover and the name at this time. I hope you will look for it on Amazon this week.

Thank you, Bob

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